While Psychic ability is natural, it has to be developed, mastered to be truly useful.

During these twice monthly training sessions, I'll be working with you in many different ways to support the Development of Your Psychic Presence. Subjects including:

  • Empath consciousness and skill
  • Understanding your Form
  • Form management and mastery
  • Protection, Strengthening and Recovery
  • Living with Psychic Consciousness
  • Using Your Psychic Presence
  • Working with Light
  • Healing
  • Playing in the Fields
  • So Much More!

Each session will focus on a specific topic. I will work with you, it is up to you to apply it which is where the skill and ultimately the Mastery, Develops.

In this training:

  • You will be developing skill that makes a powerful difference to Your life;
  • You will be developing a life with integrated psychic intelligence -
  • You will be looking at and experiencing life from a much more thoroughly informed perspective
  • You will be transforming your consciousness from the old Lower World, into the increasingly Whole condition of Home.

This is new training to humanity

Deep, rich and complete. 

This training takes place every First and Third Sunday (USA) or Monday (Australia) of the Month.

The Next Session will be held on Sunday the 17th May (USA) or Monday the 18th May (Australia).

The time and a few conversions are given beneath the Buy Now buttons.

Two Payment Options Exist at this point: Pay Per Session and Monthly Subscription

Pay Per Session Here

The sessions are $20AUD (about $14USD) each.
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Monthly Subscription

For the APT Program

$40AUD ($28USD) Per Month. 


The Time for Some Places

Has Been Listed Here

Tasmania, Australia time 11am Monday

Chicago Usa time, 8pm Sunday

Miami, Florida, 9pm Sunday

San Francisco, 6pm Sunday

UK time, Sunday night 1am.

Previous Sessions Available for Download Here!

Session 1: Point of Consciousness

$20AUD ($14USD)



Session 2: Heart Alignment and Activation
$20AUD ($14USD)