Our Approach


I belong here on Earth. I have been here since the beginning and have watched as the human race has journeyed through time.

I am passionate about supporting Humanity on this journey Home. I have a special place in my heart for Women who walk the Path of Light and Love to support them as they shine their Light on Humanity.

I have been holding a Priestess of Light Community throughout Time - and continue to do so in these amazing times.

Having completed a difficult journey of my own, I am returning to support Humanity Homeward. Starting simply, there is much to come. The best way to keep up with what's going on is to sign up for the free monthly ezine where I share up to date information, plus articles and more.


Our Story

Priestess Community

A lovely group on Facebook, where women of Light gather to discuss ideas, commune, support each other, align in consciousness. If this interests you as a Woman, find me on Facebook, make a 'friend request' and let me know you wish to join our Community.

Join Our Facebook Page

We have a great public Page on Facebook that you are welcome to 'like' and join. On this page I share consciousness, ideas and up to date information about my work and any training coming up.

As a woman, being a part of a Light Community of women helps a lot! This community is Free.


Priestess Call

Weekly Gathering

Every week, women gather together to support each other and work with Daniella using beautiful Light alignments that expand Light Understanding and Skill.


Monthly Ezine

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Every month a new ezine is released to your inbox that shares Lightworker and Homecoming Awareness and Skill.

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