Welcome to the Advanced Psychic Training Program 'Jumpstart' Opportunity

First I want to talk about the APT Program as a whole. This program is designed to train you, integrate you and fully activate your Form. Your Form, including your Chakra system, is your Light Designed system that makes you a fully functioning, fully psychically present and conscious Master. Of course it requires full training and presence to be integrated and operating in and from your Form.

So, the Advanced Psychic Training Program in it's first edition, has just completed it's Third Session. The Fourth session will take place on the 16/17 March (the sessions run twice monthly, the first and third Sunday (for USA) or Monday (for Australia) of the month.

If this training and I have caught your attention, and you would love to leap right in to the group, then this is your opportunity. It involves this...

  1. Receiving the recordings for the first three sessions,
  2. Simple outlines of the three training lessons,
  3. A single training session to support your catching up prior to the Next Session where you'll meet everyone else.

The 'Jump Start' Program is currently available for $40AUD ($26USD). Once you've paid, I will send you the links to download the three recorded sessions. Give me a few hours depending on time differences, It may be sometime through the night for me 🙂