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  • The Light Show: A Whole New Way of Light!The Light Show: A Whole New Way of Light!
    It began as a recognition that I was so focused on clearing distortion and strengthening Form, that I had left behind the most spectacular, the most significant, by FAR the Most Important Part…. The Light. Not that I hadn’t been working with Light, and training everyone with it, but that… Read more »
  • These Times and The Human Race.These Times and The Human Race.
    Whether you know it or not. Whether you believe it or not. This is a powerful time of change for the Human Race and for the World. This time was prophecised by cultures, races and spiritual leaders across the planet, throughout time as being the time of (so many different… Read more »
  • Your Form, Your Steering WheelYour Form, Your Steering Wheel
    If your hands are firm on the steering wheel, the bumpy road can’t throw you off course! Your Form gets battered around a lot with the energy flows and storms throughout the Universe, humanity, the world and your very own soul. Becoming Master of your Form is the solution to… Read more »
  • Australia Fires: Distortion vs DesignAustralia Fires: Distortion vs Design
    Australia Fires:Distortion is everywhere, on so many levels and with so many layers that it is going to take a bit of unraveling to become completely aligned with the authority with the systems Humanity is meant to Govern and the Homeful Joy of living in lives designed in Light Aligned… Read more »
  • Humanity Is Returning HomeHumanity Is Returning Home
    Darkness is gone and all that is left is The Human Race, Distortion… and Light that has to be heard to be chosen and must be chosen for Humanity to be free. There is only one way for Humanity to be Free and that is for Humanity to Return Home.… Read more »
  • Letting Go of the DistortionLetting Go of the Distortion
    It gets difficult I know, to not engage, not respond, not rage about what you see going on in the world. It hurts to see people suffering, struggling, being harmed, being conned, tricked. It hurts to see so much abuse, greed and violation, and to just not speak out, not… Read more »
  • The Landscape of Our World Is AlteringThe Landscape of Our World Is Altering
    With the removal of Darkness (just to make clear – Darkness is a specific Consciousness that knows itself and sought power and control here – Darkness generated evil, distortion, and built strong and complex pathways to divert human consciousness into acts and beliefs that continue to play out in our… Read more »
  • Expanding From the Tightest PlacesExpanding From the Tightest Places
    For a long time, it was very difficult to expand in consciousness, it could be done, but not by many. In recent years however, changes have been made, the first of many, that enables those who are ready to rise up, expand in consciousness, go deeper into the higher dimensions… Read more »
  • I Exist EverywhereI Exist Everywhere
    The Human system includes anchors in fields of the World, of Human Consciousness and the Universe. That means that you are able to travel to different places within and throughout Earth and even throughout the Universe. It takes practice, development of skill and it helps to have support from High… Read more »
  • Cubed ThinkingCubed Thinking
    A cube is something solid, stable, simple, clear and absolute – it is solid because it has six sides – making it complete and encased; it has a stable base, no matter which of it’s sides is used as the base; it is simple because it is reliable, each side has… Read more »
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