The Priestess Call Recordings each hold a powerful and beautiful process, the type of which are described below. The Calls are unedited and therefore can include discussions before and after including personal issues, sometimes dropouts, and it is perfectly fine to either listen to the whole recording, or cut straight to the process.

In honour, Daniella.

The Priestess Flower of Life Sphere

Gather with the Priestesses in this beautiful, high frequency Sphere - developed specifically for their Light work by High Consciousness.

$20AUD  ($14USD)

Clearing Old Interference

This Call brought in many beings of High Authority from all over - to perform deep clearing on the individuals attending and for those who listen to this recording (it's important to hold yourself present with the recording).


The Rainbow Senses Connection

During this session the Priestesses were taken into a deep and beautiful experience with their psychic senses responding to a set of Frequencies transmitted by the Sun. This process has levels of presence and runs for about 45 minutes.
$20AUD ($14USD)


Into The Blue

This beautiful process takes you on a journey through Blue Harmonic Frequencies. Healing, peaceful and beautiful, enjoy this lovely experience.

$20AUD ($14USD)



Green Crystal Cave

30th January 2020

This beautiful journey takes you into Light downloads and Recovery work, travelling and working in your Form. The work is deep and significant, and all you need do is enjoy the process.

Communion with Honourable Male Being

24th Jan 2020

This beautiful process takes you into a healing communion with a male being of great honour, gentle, kind and strong. If you have or had difficult times with men, this is a healing for you.

$20AUD ($14USD)

Heart Healing with Earth

9th Jan 2020

Earth Frequencies are used to Work on and Heal Heart Systems for those who attend this process. There is an interruption during the early part of the Process - this reflects the 'reset' that takes place to allow the work to be taken so deeply.
$20AUD ($14USD)

Heart Alignment Between Two People

This beautiful tool is one I've been training people with for a long time.

I share it with people who:

  • Are concerned for someone they care about or,
  • Having trouble with a specific relationship or
  • Just want to align in a healthier, more loving way with another person.

The results of ongoing use of this tool can be felt in your life in wonderful ways.

Please note: the recording is of the entire Call which includes discussions before and after the process.

$20AUD ($14USD)