Dive into these free resources to support your Consciousness and skill as Humanity continues it's journey Homeward.


Free Course:'Your Inner Sanctuary'.

When you sign up for Daniella's Ezine (also free), you will begin receiving the Inner Sanctuary three lesson course the following day.  The Inner Sanctuary that you learn to develop and use is a significant tool for these times - but even more importantly, this training gets you into an important Lightworker Tool called: Generating Form.  If you haven't already done so, sign up for the Ezine and Course here.

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My videos pack a lot of information into them, if you prefer, you can download the audio (MP3) versions of some of my  videos.

You and Distortion Audio - Going deeper into Distortion, it's origins and how it impacts Ascension.

For Humanity A Corner Has Been Turned - Major changes have occurred for Humanity and Earth.

I've Returned and Here's What Happened! - I am sharing some of my own journey and how that impacts the Human Journey Homeward.

My Youtube Channel

My Consciousness Call Youtube Channel has been running since 2012 and has well over 100 videos of me sharing Consciousness about Earth, the Universe, Humanity, Light and Dark and the Human Journey Homeward. Dive in to deeper Consciousness to understand more about the journey you are on.