Misunderstood, Belittled, Put Down.

It is all too often that people speak in black and white terms when it comes to inner work. Earlier I came across a speech that criticized people who complained, 'whined', were 'victims' and other such derogatory terms. That this behaviour did not bring them any closer to their desires. It was arrogant and condescending and most of all, ignorant.

This is the time when people's deepest soul damage and garbage is rising up. Some of this stuff is
💜absolutely terrible,
💜is not of their making and
💜cannot be resolved until it comes to a certain point of accessibility.

It is seriously rough stuff and if you could hear the human cry and see what they are crying about (when even they don't understand a fraction of what is rising up) you would get it. I work in this muck. I see it, I clear it as I am able and I have dealt with it in ways that are unknown to most.

This person who made this 'clever' easy speech about the suffering of others, is yet to go through the worst of his own - it's clear. He may be presenting himself as a teacher, but he is still quite the student.

But I say this to you -
🦅if you are trudging one foot in front of the other and cannot see your hand in front of your face.

🦅If you have applied all of the principles to build a good life and have yet to see the fruits of your labour,

🦅If you do cry out in pain and do not feel heard or understood.

🦅If you cry out in pain only to be shot down by others who cannot cope with your pain (underneath it all, it's because of their own, unrecognised suffering),

then understand this.

This is the time long prophecised. Across continents, through ancient scripts in different religions, cultures and races, it was this time, Now, that was recognised over and over again as the time that is often called Ascension. The Time of Homecoming. And it is brutal! Because of the pulling upwards against the Tangle, the Distortion, more and more terrible stuff is rising up and playing out in your personal life and globally. It has not hit everyone yet, it is happening in stages, Waves. However, those who don't get it, those who believe themselves to 'get it' because they're lives hold together reasonably well, are yet to experience the Soul dragging that others are going through.

🧚‍♀️Do your best;
🧚‍♀️join a community of people who are going through it and understand;
🧚‍♀️develop your living and coping strategies; and disregard those who are naive and critical of you.

In honour, Daniella Breen.

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