Okay so 2019 has been a doozy, however, it's almost over!

Now is definitely the Right time to

  • Stop -
  • Clear the dregs of everything you have been through and
  • Remove everything your system has been clearing from Your Soul History and for Humanity as a Whole.

It is also the perfect time once that is cleared to set up a beautiful alignment with Higher Frequencies for 2020.


Myself and the Teams are going to be holding a

Clearing and Alignment Ceremony

a day or two - (depending on where you are on the Planet) - before the New Year Transition.

Here is the When...

Tasmania, Aust -

11am - Monday - 30th Dec

Chicago, IL -

6pm - Sunday - 29th Dec

San Francisco, California

4pm - Sunday - 29th Dec

London, UK

Midnight - Monday - 30th Dec

In this time of Humanity's Journey Homeward, there is more ploughing through the fields than ever before.

This massive clean up and alignment is done for you - your responsibility is to show up and hold yourself present (as able) throughout the process.

Book early so that you will receive your connection details and secure your place is this Beautiful Process.

Here is How Much


(at time of printing is $13.80USD)

When I receive your payment (or when I wake up and turn on my computer!!) I will send your connection details to the email address supplied with the Paypal payment details.