Personal Sessions With Daniella, A Light Master.

This is the biggest work you can do for yourself. Regular sessions one-to-one with me. The work is complex and advanced. Some outcomes you will experience fairly quickly whilst others will develop gradually -

  • An ever-deepening experience of peace and stillness as damage and separation to your system and soul are repaired,
  • Your Consciousness expands and deepens in ways unexpected as you are aligned with higher levels of Soul Consciousness
  • Healing, recovery and advancements in various areas of Life.

This time of Ascension means that Life is churning, as humanity is coming up against the Dark Design and growing beyond it. This means that the work I do with you will not necessarily 'fix' all issues, however it will make a powerful, growing difference to your life and Ascension Journey.

How would you like to spend one-to-one time with a Light Master?

Personal Sessions with me involves two levels of work.

The First Aspect is Light Technician Work - involving clearing, repair work, Light Frequency Alignment.

The Second Aspect is Light Mentoring - involving consciousness training, answering questions, Mind Map development, and more.

Personal Sessions can go very deeply into what You want to work on.

  • Your Soul Purpose,
  • Your Light Alignment,
  • Your Soul Healing,
  • Your Ascension Journey,

Dealing with

  • Your Problems,
  • Your Struggles,
  • Your Blocks and Distortion;
  • Healing and Recovery.

These sessions are purely One-to-One - You and I for One Hour at a time.

Unique and private Light Coding sessions specifically for you. This work is advanced, private and Sacred. You may come for a single session or attend regularly it is up to you.

Each session is 

$120AUD or ($83USD at Dec 2019) and

Lasts for about 1 hour.

Make sure you have booked your session with me prior to paying.