These recordings are available for members of the Priestess of the Sacred Heart Group mentored by Daniella Breen.

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Restore Form to God Design

Know Your Light Form!
$20AUD (approx $14USD)

Pool Frequency Soak: Dec 2019


Moon Play In Light Language

12th December 2019
$20AUD - You'll be taken to the download

Core Field Clearing 5th December 2019

During this 40 minute process we work in the clearing of the Core Circuit of the Human Form. This is deep and powerful clearing and re-ordering. The work continues in the Chapel of Light and expands the Light field of each individual. This is deep clearing and healing.



The Call 28th November 2019

Ancient Light Frequency for Humans

This Alignment Process takes you into a Light Frequency that has been unavailable to Humanity since Humanity's downfall. This is the commencement of Humanity's re-alignment with it. What is enables can not be shared as yet, you have to develop your alignment with it and expand into the Consciousness it allows for. Eventually all of Humanity will be aligned with and working from this Frequency and what it enables. Right now, it is becoming available for You if you so choose.

Work with this alignment twice a week (or more often if you prefer) to develop your presence in this Light. As you deepen with this, you will learn what it allows (beyond words)

Call Recording: 21st November 2019

Apple Frequency Alignment

This beautiful Light frequency is from ancient times and hasn't been available to Humanity until now. This Apple Frequency is directly enforcive of generating form in the shape of what you choose for your life. These recordings are only available for the Priestess Community.

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Priestess Call - 7th November 2019

Heart Being Healer

During this process you are taken into the Heart of a very High Level Light Being for beautiful session of clearing and alignment.


Priestess Call 23rd Oct 2019

Training Agreement - stepping through several levels of High Frequency to align with a new level of Training for Ascension and Beyond.

Priestess Call: 3/10/19

This Process is an activation and alignment with the Crystaline system of Earth and your Crystaline heart and system. It begins with clearing and moves into the alignment work.


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Priestess Call - 19th September, 2019

This process was focused on deep alignment to and of the Chakra System. This builds your strength in this unstable Time.


Priestess Call 12th Sept 2019

Meeting Her - a being of great light.

Priestess Call 29th August, 2019

Integrating the Frequencies of the New World