Sacred Heart of the Priestess Community

This beautiful on-line community has a private, invitation-only, hidden group made up of over 80 women and mentored by Daniella. The group itself is free, and participation in the group includes online videos and posts of consciousness, discussions and more. In addition, the women have exclusive access to paid for sessions:

  1. Weekly Calls during which beautiful light processes such as direct specific frequency downloads, healing and recovery work, and more, take place.  These sessions are $35AUD per session and are held via teleconference.
  2. Personal Sessions - One to one sessions taylored to that person, her field condition, including soul wounding, her issues, her mentoring. This is held via phone or skype and is $125AUD
  3. Training Sessions - Going deeper into skill development and consciousness expansion - these training sessions focus on many different aspects of Ascension and Self Mastery. Prices vary, live sessions are held via teleconference.

This beautiful group is held within a deepening Light Frequency that provides consciousness expansion and supports Ascension, Recovery and strengthening at individual levels as well as at a community level. The community is also a wonderful place of support for everyone dealing with the craziness of these times.