Humanity has spent a long time in a darkened world. Across this time women have often been dismissed and discredited in spiritual paths - however, also across this time, women  have held Sacred Paths of Light, hidden from distortion, hidden from most. I know that many of you know or can feel the Truth of what I am saying.

Both men and women each have Sacred Truths and Conditions to share. The inclusion of the two Sacred Presences in the development and Holding of our Civilisation is necessary for this to be the most wonderful and extraordinary Civilisation that has ever been known.

Thus it is that the Sacred work of Women and the Sacred work of Men must both be counted as Holy and valued in their unique capacities for strength and knowledge.

In these times, the time of transitioning away from Distortion and returning to Home, Priestesses of Light have real work to do - both on themselves and with Humanity and the World.

The Priestess Community I hold is held across several platforms.

  1. Priestesses of Light Group on Facebook.
  2. Priestesses of Light Group on community.
  3. Priestess Call weekly calls - deep Light processes for healing, clearing, expansion and skill development.

Also within my community but available to both men and women, are:

  1. Advanced Psychic Training - a program that takes you deep into psychic understanding, presence and skill in all areas of work during this transitional and developmental time.
  2. Form Clearing Intensive - small group gatherings (monthly for each group) - during which I do a deep clearing on each person who attends.

So, where do you start? It depends, do you like community or do you prefer solitude?

If community - use your Facebook account to 'friend' me at - - and message me that you'd like to join our Priestesses of Light group. I will 'invite' you into the group and you can join in our warm hearted, friendly community.

If solitude - consider Personal sessions with me. These sessions vary depending on the individual - they can include

  • Deep clearing and elimination of Distortion,
  • Mentoring in Soul Purpose and Homeward Consciousness; and
  • Training and Skill development in Healing and Psychic Presence.

It's up to what works for you. Solitary and/or Community. Personal and/or Group.

Many women who work with me develop a program combining each of these factors with Community, Group and Solitary work as a key aspect of their Spiritual Development Work.