Soul Purpose Reading

Half Hour Reading for $30

Your Soul Purpose is not a stagnant thing. In fact it is ever expanding, ever evolving, just as you are expanding, ascending, transforming in higher and higher frequencies of Light, of Consciousness - so does your Soul Purpose transform. This reading takes you deeper, takes you beyond where you are now with your Soul Purpose. Be open and at peace in preparation for this Reading as I will take you deeper into the high frequencies of your Soul.

Make sure you book the appointment with me prior to paying at Daniella.oberon@gmail.com


Ascension Path Reading

Half Hour Reading for $30

I no longer do Life Path Readings, I now do Ascension Path Readings instead. Why? Because the Human Race is now firmly on the Path of Ascension - Humanity is Going Home. So this reading is diving in with your Spirit Guides, your Soul and your Home/Higher Self to share with you where you are in your Ascension Journey and how to best support that journey right now. The Reading may bring up blocks that you are having difficulty seeing as well as areas where you are really flowing with. Sometimes a bird's eye view of your path makes all the difference.

Always book the appointment with me prior to paying. Contact me at Daniella.oberon@gmail.com