This beautiful Call occurs weekly and is available for women around the World.

What Is This Call For?

When you attend this Call regularly, you experience:

  • A deep stabilisation of your energy system;
  • Build deep and lasting friendships with like-minded women;
  • Healing and recovery from soul trauma;
  • Spiritual and Personal support throughout the Human Ascension Journey;
  • Strengthening of your Form;
  • Training and Skill development in Form Work;
  • A raising of your Light Quotient in strong, stable ways;
  • Alignments into higher Frequency Light streams that raise and expand your consciousness;
  • Increased Light Consciousness taking you beyond the distortion that Humanity is working to leave.
  • You can participate in mentoring discussions, during which you can ask questions about ascension and how it's affecting you.

To participate in the Call is $35AUD per Call.

To book your place on the next Call, pay here

What Other Women Say About the Call!

Here are some Testimonials from women who regularly attend The Call:

"With each Priestess Call I find myself healing more and more of my heart and soul.
Daniella is a beautiful guide into creating peace and healing during each call. I love spending time with the Priestesses connecting and sharing together in a way that is truly opening me up to my true calling, my true self.
Thankyou Daniella and the beautiful Priestesses who join me each week. It has truly become the highlight of my week, as I become excited about the light frequencies that we are gifted with each call. Come and join us, you will love it"
Naomi Sampson, Qld, Dec 2019

"I value being lovingly guided by Daniella. She reminds me to keep centered; trust in my strength and knowing which is connected to my / our inner light and connection to the highest good. And, to be mindful of the perils of the tangle.
Such a friendly way to relate to that which is opposite of love and light."
Lynn, Dec, 2019

"If you have been on the fence about joining in on a Priestess Call, or getting the download of the sessions, I'm here to tell you to jump on it.
I've worked with Daniella for a couple of years now and I never cease to be astounded by a Priestess Call. Daniella has the ability to tap into the collective consciousness and she creates processes and connections for the group that somehow seem to always uniquely fit the our current state of consciousness.
If you follow her suggestions for new practices, you will strengthen your connection, clear your field and create a sense of flow and safety that is with you daily. Working within a group of women - live or not - creates an energy that is just more textured, more powerful and more beautiful than working on my own. The stories that the fellow Priestesses share deepen the journey and fosters connection and growth with and through some magnificent women.
Daniella has a lot of wisdom, and she has walked her talk. She is also a very loving and generous soul. I hope you'll decide to join this wonderful group of powerful and heart-centered women."
Bernice Foster, December 2019

"I love being on these calls with Daniella and the other women. It is really like my true north star. Whatever has been going on with me or in my life it brings me back to centre and into my heart. The warmth and love that is present is truly palpable. Daniella"s wisdom and guidance is profound and honest. My whole energy field always feels refreshed and cleared after participating on a call. I wouldn"t miss out on this wonderful healing experience for the world. It just gets better and better. I love to be with all the other ladies on the call too. It"s like being with my dearest friends and sisters even though we have never met physically (yet) in this life. Wonderful stuff. So helpful. I do encourage you to try it yourslves. Love,Queenie. xx"
Queenie McQueen, Bath, UK

Thank you so much Daniella for everything you do. I deeply honour and respect the guidance, the support, the healing that we receive in our community of beautiful women. Our group calls are very precious to me and our private sessions are moments of grace. Celine Andriot, Dec 2019


The Call is $35AUD per session. To book your place in the next Call, use this Paypal Button!

The Call takes place every week, times given below. Please remember to determine the relevant time for where you live.

Tasmania Australia - 10am Thursday

Chicago, Illinois - 6pm Wednesday

London, UK - Midnight, Wednesday

Orlando, Fl - 7pm, Wednesday

Nashville, Tn - 6pm, Wednesday

San Francisco, Cali - 4pm, Wednesday


This Time Zone Converter is great to use if you need to calculate your time. The base time is Launceston, Tasmania, 10am Thursday.


How To Access The Call!

You can access The Call via phone or internet. The good news is that the conference system has phone numbers reasonable local to most countries (for Australia there is a Sydney number). When you pay, you receive the details including a list of numbers, and your PIN to access the Call.

How Do I Join In?

  1. Using the time info above, determine what time the Call is for You!
  2. Once you're happy that you can attend, go to the Paypal button on this page and pay for your place in the next Call. I will then use the email address you give via Paypal to send you an invitation. (You are welcome to email me at any time to walk through this process)
  3. Once you've received your invitation, make certain you're clear on which method you will use to attend - phone or internet - and you can test it out early just to make certain you have it down pat!
  4. Try to get into the Call a few minutes early when the time comes;
  5. Have some water with you and set your space up so that you're not disturbed while you enjoy this Sacred Gathering!


The Call is $35AUD per session.