Priestess Call

This weekly Live Call (also available by recording for those who can't make the call), includes healing, clearing, Tangle recovery, Light Code downloads, consciousness training and more. These Calls are available to the Priestesses in my Sacred Heart community. Details Coming Soon.

Personal Sessions

Available to the Priestesses, these one-to-one private sessions with Daniella include Technician work and mentoring. The sessions are uniquely designed for you. The work is in direct support of your Ascension work, which is rapidly processing and requires a lot of clearing, recovery and healing work.  Details coming soon.


There is a lot of training that will support your Ascension journey. This training comes along regularly and is held via Teleconference and can include live calls, download notes. The next lot of training is coming soon.


About Donations

The Priestesses in my community have been known to make donations and that is welcome. That being said, soon, the recording for the week's Call, will be available for download for those who can't make it on the Call but want to receive the Downloads and Recovery work from the Call. If you prefer, that is a great way to donate to my work and receive a gift at the same time. More information coming soon!

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