Your Form

Your Form. Think of your chakra system and your soul. Your Form is Light Design and each human is born with it whole and present. Your Form is the portal through which you interact with the World, with other people, your body, and more.

Your Form is what makes you psychic. Your full integration and conscious presence and relationship with the complexities of your Form determine an increasing depth of psychic presence and ability with... well, with Everything.

Your skill and commitment to the maintenance of your Form makes all the difference in its function and your quality of Life, Higher Consciousness and Psychic presence.

Your developing skill and awareness, presence and mastery with your Form takes you ever more deeply into the craft of Generating Form and Design and Holding of Your Life and the conditions of the World.

In fact, the intention and design for the Human Race and the World, is that you come in to full mastery and as a race of Light Masters, the World is designed into the greatest and most beautiful Civilisation ever known. A place of freedom, beauty, creativity and wonder.

It all starts with You coming into Self Mastery with your Form, Your Mind and Heart. Are you ready?

It is the Advanced Psychic Training Program (multiple levels) that trains you in Mastery (and your practical application of the training).  To keep up with the next commencement dates and times, make sure you have signed up for the Ezine and make double sure you have approved my messages so they go directly to your inbox and not to your junk mail.

In Honour, Daniella.

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  1. Intention is a powerful tool. It is simple to apply, yet powerful. The art of dowsing proves the power of intention.

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